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Bewerbung Talisman

Hi Folks,

Just viewed the Troop Transport vid posted on the DCS forum on Mon 28th March by CHP. This has inspired me to make contact with you in the hope of a try out with your group with the aim of joining your squad as a Huey pilot.

I have been a very keen PC flyer since about 2006 and have enjoyed MP and organised squad ops with IL-2 46, CloD, IL-2 GB and DCS. I first started flying the Huey, my first helicopter experience, a few months back and am very much hooked on the Huey above any other helicopter.

I live in the UK and am retired, which means I have lots of time for flight simulation. I am a member of a squad flying IL-2 WW2 in-house campaigns, but am still available to fly with you Wed, Sat and Thu, plus the odd Tue.

I use DCS open beta, SRS and TS 3. I don't use Discord, but hope that won't be a big problem. I currently fly the Huey on MP servers like Enigma, Cold War, Korean War and Civilian ops.

I am ready and willing to meet up on your TS server this Sat 2nd, or another night at your convenience.